by Yadira Roman

The Voice For Those Without One

2019 // by Yadira Roman

ATIM´s TOP Top 15 Editor Picks presents KATRIN ALVAREZ

German painter Katrin Alvarez exhibits an exciting blend of expressionism and surrealism. Her striking often thought-provoking subjects, rendered in vivid colors and precise brush strokes, evoke dream imagery and defy natural interpretation. A raw voice in contemporary art, Alvarez' success roots to her methodical approach to painting, creating her surreal, oneiric and many times dystopic artworks that promote many conceptual themes focused mostly on social topics ranging from the overexposure to technology to the exertion of power unto others and especially the denouncement of child abuse.

How do you feel, painting as vulnerable and open as you do?
“For nearly 15 years I tried to make the most horrible crime a little bit more visible through my paintings: Child abuse. Probably I could make a few people think about it, especially about the low penalty, but my work will not change anything. I am not loud enough, not famous or important. 

The little innocent victims will never have the chance for an unencumbered life. Such a wound destroys the ability to trust and love for the whole lifetime, and it will never heal.’'

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle and what influence it has on your work?
''In the course of the years, I lost the mental firewall. I became very hurtable and decided to change my topic: 'The human. Digital'. However, it didn’t work. I cannot ignore the almost daily news about child abuse. So I will have to go on. It seems to be my challenge of life. I always had very close contact with nature. It is so sad that humans are exploiting this incredible richness without any respect. Air, water, and earth, I try to use them with gratefulness and mindfulness. I am so thankful for my 'heart people', some very close friends, who make my life warm and precious. Also, of course, my animal buddies, my cats. I can’t remember any time without my velvet paws!’'

Alvarez chooses to be transparent, and vulnerable through her work as she brings to light an ongoing issue in our communities today. In 2018 ArtTour International Magazine recognized Katrin Alvarez' as the Artist Of The Year, an award which crowns the many successes of her career as an artist, and activist using her art to take a stand against child abuse. Another significant achievement which complements the journey of this master artist.

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