by Viviana Puello

ATIM´s Top 60 Cover Story Katrin Alvarez

2017 // by Viviana Puello

The impacting image on the back cover of this issue is a masterpiece by award- winning artist Katrin Alvarez. “The Power Of Thought” was also published in the interior pages of the ATIM Top 60 Masters 2017, our annual publication that compiles sixty of the most recognized master artists in the internationalartscene. ArtTourInternationalwas proud to present the award “Premio Alla Carriera” to master artist Katrin Alvarez, in recognition for a very successful career, and for her dedication andexcellenceinthearts. Onlyone”PremioAlla Carriera” is presented each year, and we are honored to recognize this great artist of our times.


Award-winning master artist Katrin Alvarez is known for her compelling, dreamlike, surreal paintings that represent the complexity of human situations. Alvarez focuses on the human figure while introducing multiple references such as objects, animals, etc. to enrich the composition conceptually as well as visually.


Katrin Alvarez started as a journalist, going in- depth into the writing profession, but along the way she taught herself the art of painting, influenced and inspired by Michelangelo and Brueghel.


Katrin Alvarez creates works that bring me back to that moment when I was a child and looked at a masterpiece for the first time. You know you are in the presence of greatness, and words are not enoughtodescribeit. Alvarezisamasterartist who not only has an excellent technique, which is the result of many years of dedication but someone who has a message and is devoted to sharingthatmessagethroughherwork. Notonly is her message profound, but it is also a message that many prefer not to hear. It takes courage to touch the issue of child abuse because a significant part of the audience prefers to look at something simpler than to have to deal with all these emotions that the subject evokes. We are sensitive, we don’t like to hear about children being abused, but it is a fact, it happens, and very few artists are brave enough to go there. Alvarez does, and she does it in a not-apologetic way. She is bold and direct and a great expressionist. Her work is surrealism created by a soul influenced by journalism, so it has a great narrative. It is provoking and soothing, and it cannot be ignored, you will either love it or hate it, but it will for sure evoke strong emotions, it will never go unnoticed, this, is the greatness of her art. I love it!

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