Dr. phil.hc. Ralph Giordano

Ein großes Dankeschön

2015 // Dr. phil.hc. Ralph Giordano

Dear Ms. Alvarez,

A very big thank-you for your wonderful birthday present, "Übergangsbereiche". It´s a book I just cannot put down. A testament to a great artist. No matter which painting I look at - "Nadeshda", "Leichte Beute", "Blinder" - my gaze is caught; I find myself obsessively searching. One can long ponder on every picture, always discovering something new, trying to make connections.

You have given me something of great pleasure on which to reflect - and aroused my curiosity about the rest of your work. Not to mention the generous dedication you entered in the book, which flatters me.

So, dear Katrin Alvarez, let me express my thanks once again, along with my hope that we´ll meet again soon under the same hospitable roof where I had the honour of making your acquaintance.

Ralph Giordano