Mesmerizing aesthetics

2010 // by Abraham Lubelski

"I hope that in the future we will indeed work together again, we are all very much fans of your work. You have managed to develop a cohesive body of work that is constantly pursuing the human figure in a number of different methods- you consistently explore the same aspects of the human condition. Through your themes and visual motifs of flora and fauna, dolls, and children along with the aesthetic techniques often exercised, including an atmospheric haze, surreal proportions, nonsensical spacing, and flamboyant color schemes, you creates portraits of dreams, or perhaps suggestions of childhood memories. This juxtaposition signifies a youth with the complexities that become adulthood, spinning personal intricacies into an elaborate web of experiences. It was not until we were able to view the work in person that I truly realized how mesmerizing your aesthetics are.
Especially the incorporation of bold, accent colors of the brightest, most saturated shades imaginable. Partnered with tones that are more on the muted side these colors deliver an extra shock of unexpected zeal. Vivacious fuschias and oranges stand out as the coloring of hair, backgrounds, clothing, etc. against the lighter and cooler flesh of the figures in your paintings. The joining of the two portrays solemn characters with saddened, introspective looks amongst an array of surreal and psychedelically charged environments. The end product invites a troubled sense of curiosity from the viewer, encompassing them in the memory and emotion of your experiences."

Abraham Lubelski, Publisher of NY Arts Magazine, Curator of Broadway Gallery NY